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  • Sue Tranter

    Specialist Energy Field Healer

    I specialise in Energy Field Healing, Distant Healing, Home and Workplace Healing, and Animal Healing. I have trained with Sue Zange at Inspirit and qualified to Advanced Level in 2009. Energy Field Healing and understanding the subtle energies that flow around us, has brought such a positive change to my life...

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  • Energy Field Healing

    For Health and Wellbeing

    Energy Field Healing is a highly advanced alternative therapy. Your energy field is more commonly known as your aura, and it is an intelligent consciousness and the sum of all your life experience in energy ‘form’...

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  • Home Healing

    Live more Peacefully and Well

    All things are energy. Life experience, events and happenings and they all create energy forms and transactions. You have a flow of energy exchange between your home, the people who live there and the ones who visit. The land can also carry and hold energies.

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Cleansing and balancing your energy can change your world!

Healing for You

- Energy Field Healing Session-

We all absorb energies on a daily basis. Wherever we go and whomever we meet, we exchange energy transactions with people. All of these energy transactions get stored away within our energy. We also carry and hold memory patterns of past life experiences such as illness, trauma and distress Over a period of time these energies build up in te energy system. By clearing, cleansing and rebalancing the energy we can release any blockages, this allows new energies to come in to strengthen your whole being.

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Healing for Another

- Distant Healing Session -

Available for those who cannot attend in person for healing. Distant healing is done by way of remotely connecting to another's energy field and helping them to become strong and clear. As a specialist in Energy Field Healing I am able to ‘tune-in’ distantly and connect to the client’s energy. By accessing through a higher consciousness level it is possible to cleanse, balance and restore the emotions and general well being of the client. This then helps with the mental stresses and physical aspects of life.

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Heal your Home

- Energy Healing for your Home-

Energy Healing for your home is a process of cleansing space, balancing energies and clearing away forms and patterns that are not serving. By healing the slow dense energies and transforming them into lighter more serving energies the wellbeing of those living there will be greatly enhanced. A home energy healing cleanses away past patterns of occurrences which have taken place in the home. This is ideal for those who are newly moving into their own property - releasing away the traces of past occupants.

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Want to Learn more about subtle energies

I will soon be presenting The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme - a course designed by Sue Zange to teach everyone more about managing their own energies.

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£5.00 Introductory Discount for First Time Customers

If you have not yet tried Energy Field Healing, then please make use of an Introduction £5.00 discount on your healing session fee.