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Services Energy Healing & Transformation

Distant Energy Field Healing

- For Yourself and for Others -

- Healing for those who are unable to personally see a Healer -

As a specialist in Energy Field Healing I am able to 'tune-in' and connect to the client's energy. By accessing through a higher consciousness level it is possible to cleanse, balance and restore the emotions and general well being of the client. This then helps with the mental stresses and physical aspects of life.

To request a Distant Healing you will need to provide the following information either by post or email.

- Healing For Yourself -

If you are or have been a previous client you can apply quickly by sending an email request. I would not need a photo as you are already known to me.

If you are a new client please provide the following information for either yourself, or the person you are requesting healing for:

Full birth name (or married name)
Date of birth (or accurate age)
Current home address (or location)
A current photograph (Any photos sent in the post will be returned to you.)

This information is required so a connection can be made to the person's energy on a higher dimensional level. The information provided has to be exact and precise for at least two of the above. All information is kept strictly confidential.

- Healing for Another -

If you are requesting healing for another, please forward the information needed from above. Please note there is an ethical policy of privacy for Distant Healing clients. Upon first entering the higher consciousness state permission is requested to work with the client. If no such higher permission is granted, then I will not continue to pursue a healing connection. In that case your payment will be returned to you.

- Following the Distant Healing -

The effects of Distant Healing are almost immediate so you will feel changes. And within a few days your photo will be returned to you along with a simple report of what was carried out. Please note that if you requested healing for someone else, in order to respect that person's privacy I cannot convey any personal details of what had taken place during their healing.

Healing Fee