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Home Healing Clear the Energy of your Home

What is Energy Healing for your Home?

- Live more peacefully -

All things are energy. Life experience, events and happenings and they all create energy forms and transactions. You have a flow of energy exchange between your home, the people who live there and the ones who visit. The land can also carry and hold energies.

So the happenings that have taken place in your home all carry with them an 'energy signature' and the essence of those energies are residing in your space. This is a natural flow and experience of life, the happy times and the sad. It is the movement of people who pass through your home and the expression of their emotions, ideas and intentions.

To us this is everyday life but through energy it can be a complex blend of essence, atmosphere, energy forms and patterns. All of which will affect the people who live there.

Energy Healing for your home is a process of cleansing space, balancing energies and clearing away forms and patterns that are not serving those who live there. By healing the slow dense energies and transforming them into lighter more serving energies the wellbeing of those living there will be greatly enhanced.

The effects of having your home healed can be felt almost immediately, most people sense a change in the atmosphere usually feeling a sense of lightness and more airy. Their ability to sleep, relax, and concentrate becomes more enhanced. They find it easier to concentrate so meeting targets and deadlines at work are more obtainable.

Our homes should be a place of refuge for all of us, where we can feel comfortable and safe. Home healing supports this aspect of life and an environment will be created that contributes to a better quality of living.

- Consider having your home or work place healed if you are experiencing the following. -
  • Lack of life flow, opportunities or good fortune
  • Disharmony and troubled relationships
  • Poor sleep, fatigue and 'just can't be bothered' syndrome
  • Repeating patterns that hold you back
  • Regular or continuous ill health or sickness
  • 'Bad luck' syndrome, or difficulties with your location
  • Not restored or rested when you spend time at home
  • Anger, stress, irritability, and/or emotional instability
  • Inability to focus, concentrate or create the life you desire
  • You feel uncomfortable and cannot settle in your own home

Heal The Workplace

- Clear away the dense and heavy energies -

Healing for the workplace can help to create a more productive and enjoyable working environment. By releasing heightened energy charge from stressful environments can help staff become more open to change, new ideas inspiration and achievement. By clearing and healing dense energies it will improve issues of fatigue and improve concentration. Staff members spend many hours in the work place, if the energies are high and light they will be a happier more contented workforce and business growth and prosperity will be on the incline.

  • M.S.- South Africa -

    "I have had the honour of having Energy Field Healings from Sue Tranter for a number of years, both in person and for distant healings. Sue is a wonderful healer... I believe that she is one of the very best Energy Field Healers in the UK. She is always kind, calm and gentle, and no matter how you feel before your session, at the end you always feel like new again. As an Energy Field Healer myself I love to see the beautiful, graceful way that she works with the energy. She has a beautiful heart, and is always honourable in her work. She has fantastic ability, and advanced skills that allow her to help anyone, no matter the situation. I am very grateful to her for all the help and insight that she has given me, and particularly for sorting out my knees, which had troubled me for years. I recommend her to everyone! "

  • J.M. - London -

    "A good friend of mine who had known Sue for many years and spoke so highly about the healing she practised gave me Sue's details. That was about two years ago and I haven't looked back since. Sue is not only considerate, patient and understanding but her energy and healing ability is so incredible that even after ten minutes you feel enlightened, refreshed and clearer in your mind, body and spirit. "