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enhance your light

Meditation & Visualisation Programme

- Enhance your Light ~ Enhance your Life ™ -

The 'Enhance Your Light - Enhance your Life' Programme has been specially designed by Sue Zange, Subtle Energy Pioneer, Teacher and Author for those who would like to learn a more expansive way to meditate and visualise. This programme is like no other, you will learn tools and techniques to manage and maintain your life on all levels. This meditation and visualisation course offers you the ability to achieve a high quality meditation whereby you will feel restored and rejuvenated whenever you need to. This easy to follow programme is suitable for both beginners and those more advanced.

The programme offers you 12 Key Elements known as 'Spheres of Light', they relate to different aspects of your life, for example Manifesting - where you will learn how to turn your dreams in to reality. Inspiration - feeling stuck and unable to move forward? Find out how to empower yourself on a different level. Learning Reconnect to the passion inside to gain further insight and knowledge about what makes you tick. Sue Tranter has been personally trained by Sue Zange and is a fully qualified Certified Teacher of this unique programme.

This programme offers you a unique and different way to manage and maintain your life. We all invest a lot of time and effort in our physical world and our journey is rarely with ease. Take time to learn an easier way of being. Life doesn't have to be a struggle, with a little knowledge and understanding you can gain flow and insight and learn to an easier way of being. This will not only help you but also others around you. They will notice the change in you, your outlook on life will be different allowing more hope and positivity to come in. This then has a knock on effect with family and friends. Before long they will be wanting to know your secret. We all need a little tender loving care from time to time, why not commit to making that change for you today.

Learn to:
  • Quieten your mind to move into a peaceful space
  • Stop over-busyness and achieve stillness for body and mind
  • Progress and develop your own intuitive skills
  • How 'ground energies' promote good, balanced practise
  • The key to raising your vibration
  • Why it is essential to open the heart energy,
  • 3 Primary Spheres - To help you manage daily living-

    You will first learn how to build your primary spheres, these are your foundations to build upon, your life skills. Each sphere is unique to you and totally of your creation. You will be guided gently through the meditation as you embark on your journey. The aim of these 3 spheres is to allow you to achieve a good quality meditation, to understand the importance of Grounding and to create yourself a Safe Place in Nature. Once you have mastered these basic principles you are ready to move forward to build more advanced spheres.

  • 3 Expansive Spheres- To guide you to higher learning and inspiration -

    By now you will already have been creating and making change in your life on a physical level. So what better time to move up a gear and explore your own higher consciousness. Here you will experience a much deeper, greater spiritual communion this will allow you to make change on a higher level.

  • 6 Enhanced Elements - For your soul to journey and grow -

    You are now ready to gain a much deeper understanding into the realms of higher consciousness and it is at this stage you will be guided into a deeper more spiritual experience by way of guiding you into the light.