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subtle energy awareness

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®

- Discover more about your energy field -

The energy field around the body (also known as the aura) is a complex matrix of patterns, energy forms and transactions. It is a natural flow of electro-magnetic energy and it resides out, from the body on a daily basis. This affects all aspects of your life, thoughts, feelings and your state of well-being. Your energetic state is in everything you do, it is the driving force in your life.

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme has been created by Sue Zange, the pioneer and developer of advanced understanding of subtle energies and author ( It has been specially designed to give understanding into the ways subtle energy flows. Here now is your opportunity to discover about your energy field and how the energy transactions affect you, your emotional and mental balance and energies of new potentials that are waiting to come into your life.

If left uncleared or unmanaged these energy transactions can build up excessively in the energy field and the effects can be felt on a physical, emotional and mental level. Take this opportunity to learn about your energy field so you become energy aware. You will learn techniques to balance and clear energy flows and skills to allow you to maintain and manage your energy so allowing new potentials to come into your life.

Learn how to:
  • Understand how stress affects our life on a daily basis and techniques to counteract this
  • Understand what causes energy flow to be dense slow and imbalanced
  • Clear and focus your mind with energy techniques
  • How we connect to others in relationships and whether this has a negative or positive effect
  • How wounds, conditioning and past events are affecting the choices you make now
  • How to develop your intuitive awareness and be in command of your life
  • Day One - The essentials to energy management -

    You will learn about the structure and flow of your energy field, how we transmit energies out and receive them in and how these transactions can affect us without us even realising. There will be a practical exercise for clearing your energy and bringing new fresh energy in and you will learn how to become calm focused and centred on a daily basis regardless of others energies around you.

  • Day Two- Gain greater understanding of your own energies -

    You will discover how you truly feel about situations, we do this by getting out of our heads and into our hearts and in doing so we bring in emotional well-being, this is the universal law of attraction… like attracts like. You will also discover the importance of good strong ground connections and how to build a bubble of light. There will be practical exercises for you to learn throughout the weekend and these will grow and expand with your development as you connect to your higher awareness.

  • 6 Modules of Discovery - To help you change your life -

    The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme has been designed to provide you with all the tools and techniques you will need to improve and enhance your life on a daily basis. Designed by Sue Zange, Subtle Energy Pioneer, and presented by Sue Tranter, who has been personally trained by Sue and is a fully qualified Certified Teacher of this revolutionary new programme.