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Healing for Animals

- Clearing and maintaing strong energy -

- For pets and devoted companions -

Having had pets all my life I am dedicated to their good health and welfare and am offering you this unique service of coming into your home where your pet will feel safe, calm and comfortable without the added stress of having to go into a strange environment.

Our pets can become unwell at any time and for varying reasons. Most commonly is that as devoted companions they tend to pick up on our energies, the way we are feeling and any issues we may be experiencing at any given time and they can absorb these as their own. And just like with the human energies if left to build up over a period of time our pets can become unwell, by releasing these energies and restoring good flow to their energy field they will be restored and back to good health. Other reasons can be moving house, this can cause serious stress as they are on unfamiliar territory and will be sensing all of the energy transactions that have taken place there. This may not only cause illness but may result in behavioural problems too. .

The method of healing used will be a hands on approach and is dictated purely by your pet and how they receive it. Each pet is an individual, some are keen and eager and others take their time. It is all about gaining the animals trust and respect so we go at their pace and for as long as is required.

If for any reason you would like help but not in your home I also offer a distant healing service for your pet. For this service I would need:

Their name
Age (if known)
Up to date photograph
The address they are at

Any photos sent by post will be returned with a full report of my findings. Alternatively you can send photos by email.

I ask for payment to be received prior to healing and if for any reason the healing cannot be fulfilled your payment will be returned to you in full.

Please note at no time should this therapy be used as a substitute for veterinary care and attention.

- For Horses and Larger Animals -

Horses are highly intelligent animals and so sense and see energy movements clearly. Their body language tends to indicate their feelings and it is important from the off to gain their trust and respect.

If you require healing for your horse or other larger animal please get in touch to arrange a time for me to visit your stables. .

Pet Healing

Horse Healing

Z.H. - Sutton Coldfield -

"Our beautiful dog Monty was in distress following an incident where his tail got bitten in the park by another dog. Despite Monty's large stature, he is an absolute softie and does not like fighting. He was very distressed after being attacked and wasn't his normal happy self and this reflected when we noticed his normally waggy tail had been down between his legs for 2 days following the stress of what happened. Sue worked her magic on Monty and gave him some energy healing, which Monty loved. He is normally full of beans and won't lie down, and I don't know what Sue did but he became totally relaxed. He was a changed dog and his tail was back to its normal waggy self soon afterwards. Sue has such a way with people and animals and we could not have thanked her enough for showing such kindness and care to our beloved Monty. Thank you Sue- you are truly gifted with healing powers which can transform people AND animals. I could not recommend Sue highly enough."