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Energy Field Healing

- Healing through the body's energy field -

- Balance, cleanse, strengthen and re-align your energy system -

Energy Field Healing is a highly advanced therapy, your energy field is more commonly known as your aura, and it is an intelligent consciousness and is the sum of all your life experience in energy 'form'. Each of us is a unique being, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Generally speaking your energy field radiates out from your physical body 3-4 feet. As the layers radiate out they become finer in resonance and they vibrate at a higher frequency. We cannot separate any of these aspects because they are all linked and powered by the wholeness of the life force energy. Our human energy field has a central axis of flow, it is from here our main energy centres (chakras) emanate out flowing into multiple layers of fine, subtle energy. When our energy field is flowing in a balanced way, our health is good, and our outlook on life is positive. However, when any form of stress, trauma or where pain is felt it impacts on the body and this can cause the energy to stop flowing causing disruption and blocks that is when we can experience discomfort, distress and ill-health.

We all absorb energies on a daily basis where ever we go and whomever we meet we exchange energy transactions with these people. All of these energy transactions get stored away within us. We also carry and hold on to memory patterns of past life experiences such as illness, trauma and distress Over a period of time these energies build up and can lead to physical illness, this in turn can bring about physical and emotional imbalance, by clearing, cleansing and rebalancing the energy we can release any blockages, this allows new energies to come in to strengthen your whole being.

The Energy Field is a complex matrix of life patterns and memories driven by our beliefs, views, attitudes and desires. We live our daily life in a continuous flow of incoming and outgoing energy transactions. If we are not able move through these transactions with ease the energy patterns will remain in our field waiting for the issues to be addressed. It is here that the Specialist Energy Field Healer can, using techniques to cleanse re-balance and restore the field to its natural flowing state.

1 Hour Session

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Your Session

- Release from old patterns -

During your Energy Field Healing treatment there is no physical touch, or very little and the client remains fully clothed only asked to remove their shoes. It is the fine subtle vibrations of energy that surround the body we will be working in. You may well know this better as your aura but this natural field of energy actually radiates out from your core centre.

By cleansing, balancing and re-energising it the body can then activate its own self-healing process. Priority will be given to stabilising your ground energy connection, this will ensure you have good strong grounding allowing the energy to flow freely and in alignment with your core energy centre and this allows your own inner ability to self heal to activate.

During your session, blocked stagnant and imbalanced energies will be cleared from your energy field and the structure of the energy field will be re-aligned and re-energised and this will allow universal energy to bring healing to the mind, body and soul, allowing you to take control of your life and to bring in harmony and balance.

There will be focus given to priority areas in the energy this could be the transformation of patterns and non-serving energy forms or structural realignment and re-balancing.

You will feel some of the effects immediately following your healing session these include feeling lighter and more at peace. The healing process will continue for a further 28 days. Clients can feel warmth, tingling, pressure on parts of their body or a cool sensation during treatment.

Can Aid

- Effective in supporting a wide range of conditions-

Clinic results show this powerful therapy can be effective in conditions including:

  • Any and all stress related illness
  • Crisis and emotional Imbalance
  • Mental fatigue, stress and inability to cope
  • Frustration and tension
  • Relationship trauma/issues
  • Fatigue and depression
  • Executive 'burn out'
  • Joint pain, aches and debilitation
  • Poor sleeping, concentration or de-motivation
  • Respiratory problems, asthma and chest 'weakness'
  • Headaches, migraines and 'pressure'
  • Relief from physical symptoms in chronic conditions
  • Digestive disorders

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1 Hour Session